Visit Rural America. Without walls. Hands on.

Visit the farms, learn from the farmers and meet the animals. Search for edibles in the woods, with an expert forager. Milk the goats and make the cheese, with a homesteader family. Learn to make sausage, jam and hops — from the foodie masters. Turn a folk tune into a jazz composition, with a jazz master. Get behind the scenes at the speedway, with a racing family. Explore Shaker secrets, with the Shaker expert.

Experience rural life at the nation’s first living museum of today’s rural America.

At BEHOLD! New Lebanon, on the west slope of the Berkshires, you’ll find the first living museum of contemporary rural life in America, a must-visit experience for children, families, history buffs, nature people, foodies and fans of modern farming.

Created by the founding president of the popular Lower East Side Tenement Museum in New York City, BEHOLD! New Lebanon introduces you to farmers, artisans, farm dog trainers, a forager, artisans, race car drivers, chef, a hops grower, an auctioneer, a small town car mechanic, and more. They are innovators and preservationists. They are the spirit, the energy and community of today’s rural life.

Learn the secrets of contemporary rural life.

Take a tour or a workshop with our skilled and friendly Rural Guides. You will learn — close-up and hands-on — about living and working in rural America.  You’ll leave with a new perspective on 21st century rural life. You’ll have a fresh new museum experience.

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