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Monte WaschMonte Wasch

Making Jazz

Dolores MeissnerDolores Meissner


Wyatt Erchak coordinator of educational programs at the Shaker MuseumWyatt Erchak

Shaker Museum

Bonner McAllister, Exploring Nature

Nature Walk at Hand Hollow

There’s more in Hand Hollow than meets the eye.

July 30th  9:30am

Kevin Bose

The Language of Birds

Know what those birds are saying!

July 30th  1:00pm

Hosted by:
Kevin Bose

Howie Commander

Speed Demons

Meet the Commander of Clay – track, that is.

July 30th  1:30pm

Hosted by:
Howard Commander

Deb Gordon

A Jam For All Seasons

When life gives you fruit, make jam!

July 30th  2:30pm

Hosted by:
Debby Gordon