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Monte WaschMonte Wasch

Making Jazz

Dolores MeissnerDolores Meissner


Wyatt Erchak coordinator of educational programs at the Shaker MuseumWyatt Erchak

Shaker Museum

Bud Godfroy

What You ‘Auto’ Know About Your Car

It’s Not Your Grandfather’s Car…Unless It Is!

August 27th 9:30am

Hosted by:

Claudette Lefebree

Farm Animal Rescue

Experience These Beautiful Animals at the Retreat at Pease Farm 

August 27th 1:00pm 

Heather van Ort

Gemstones Demystified, Pearls Renewed

No Free Samples Here!

August 27th 2:30pm

Hosted by:
Heather Naventi

Joe Ogilvy talks about the Cork Scew Choo Choo

Take a Leisurely Stroll on this Scenic Rail Trail!

August 27th 1:30pm

Hosted by:
Joe Ogilvie