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Group Tour Sales & Operations

Behold! New Lebanon: The Living Museum of Contemporary Rural American Life (BNL) is seeking a Coordinator of Group Tour Sales and Operations.

BNL is an award-winning, innovative “museum-without-walls” that offers local tour packages for incoming groups visiting the Columbia County region of upstate New York.

Groups travel to homes, barns, fields and forests of residents who serve as “Rural Guides” in and around New Lebanon, NY to experience aspects of life in rural America such as organic farming, jam making, foraging, bird languages, basket weaving, animal training, auto repair, homesteading and more. Itineraries range from day trips to overnights to week-long programs, customized to the preferences of each group.

This highly creative position offers the best of both worlds – the opportunity to collaborate with groups on a tour itinerary that matches their preferences and the ability to create and manage a program that will exceed their expectations.

The Coordinator will be responsible for developing lists of potential clients (including clubs and associations, camps, church groups, senior centers and corporations) and selling pre-packaged and customized group tour packages to that list.

Once the group has selected a tour package, the Coordinator will manage all the operational aspects of the program, from pricing to booking restaurants, hotels and Rural Guides, to overseeing payments and providing a final profit sheet at the end of each tour program.

The winning candidate will be enthusiastic, persuasive, sensible, well-spoken, flexible and creative. S/he must have excellent writing, phone and computer skills, a highly organized work ethic, strong discipline and excellent negotiating abilities and interpersonal skills, including the desire to work with a wide variety of ages and backgrounds. A good sense of humor is a must.

Travel industry and sales experience are a plus.

The position is currently part-time, with the potential to grow into a full-time position.

Compensation is base salary + commission.

Job Type: Part-time (20 hours)

Required education: Bachelor’s

Required experience:

  • Sales: 2 years

  • Group Travel or Event Planning: 2 years

Interested candidates should send a resume and cover letter to Executive Director Serena Kovalosky, at