Bud Godfroy’s business, Godfroy’s Service Station, has been in the family for generations. It was purchased by Bud’s grandfather and his grandfather’s brother-in-law in 1925 and moved to its current location just north of town on Route 20 about 10 years later. Bud, who was raised in the New Lebanon area, became the owner in 1992. Over the years he and his shop have become mainstays of the town. In addition to his work as a mechanic, Bud has worked as a firefighter for 46 years and teaches firefighting classes through New York State. He also spent 15 years as an EMS.

Bud says that the “challenge of figuring things out” is one of the things he loves most about being a mechanic. Many aspects of his mechanic work revolve around problem solving. He compares it to a sense of “clairvoyance,” and “looking into the unknown.” Bud uses his knowledge of the car’s systems and the symptoms of what is going wrong to determine where the problem might lie. He believes it is also important for the public to understand how the systems of their cars relate to each other so they know when a problem arises and how serious it might be.