Dale-Ila-Riggs_crop_honoree_freshPerspectivesHonoreesEntries_232x232_1457978960Dale Ila’s career in agriculture began in college at Cornell, and she has worked as an educator at Cornell Cooperative Extension for many years. Presently, she is president of the New York State Berry Growers Association, and is actively involved in agricultural initiatives in the region. Don’s background is in botany, soil science and public health, and he recently turned his efforts full time to the farm, implementing successful production and delivery practices to meet growing demand.

Presently Dale Ila and business partner, Don, are focused on effectively solving challenges farmers face with invasive insects. Research and testing of materials to protect crops has led to the development of a fine mesh netting that protects crops, safeguarding farmers from potential losses from crop damage. Their new company, Berry Protection Solutions, markets the netting and educates farmers on healthy options for protecting crops.