David HuntDavid’s love of outdoor work came from a childhood of visiting national parks and playing outside his home in Ashland, Massachusetts. He studied Botany, Chemistry, and Biochemistry at Cornell University and went on to receive his Ph.D. in Botany at the University of Georgia. His experiences in the field watching changes to populations of rare species led him into conservation work and activism.

Fifteen years ago, David decided to leave his job and change his way of living. “I evolved into what I consider a holistic ecologist,” he said. “I put myself into the equation and realized how much I was consuming in the corporate world. I had to get my own ecological footprint minimized.” He tries to live as sustainably as possible in his Rensselaer County home, where he is the primary caregiver for his twelve-year old son. For work, he performs ecological surveys that provide valuable information for conservation efforts and private landowners considering development.

In many ways, David combines the roles of scientist and activist. “I see myself as an information provider,” he said. “I’m not out to change people’s way of doing things; I believe that everybody has good in them and that given the right information they’re going to think about it and do the right thing.”

 For more information about David Hunt and the work he does in conjunction with the Wyomanock Center for Sustainable Living visit their website at www.wyocenter.org.