Dolores_MeissnerDolores Meissner grew up on a small farm in Averill Park, New York, where she still lives today. Dolores owns and, along with her two sons, runs Meissner’s Auction Service in New Lebanon, which she and her late husband Keith founded in 1988. To become a certified auctioneer, she attended auctioneer school where she learned the ethical and legal aspects of auctions along with the famous auctioneer’s “chant.” These days, Meissner’s hosts around 45-56 auctions a year. Auctions are usually held on Saturday nights. In addition to the regular “Antiques Auctions” on Saturdays, Meissner’s also hosts holiday and specialty auctions such as “Toys & Trains,” a “Sportsman’s Auction,” “Petrolania & Advertising,” and “Dolls.” Approximately 400 items pass through the auction block every week, including antique quilts, furniture, glassware, musical instruments, artwork, signage, firearms, and pottery.

Working with people is one of the things Dolores enjoys most about her job. She tries to talk with and get to know the people who visit her auction house and make them feel welcome and comfortable. Over the years, a community has built within the auction house. “People make friends here and also go home with great merchandise,” Dolores says. Dolores’ two sons, brother-in-law, and many friends work with her in the auction. When she’s not working for the auction house, Dolores enjoys horseback riding, biking, hiking, caring for her six horses, and playing with her grandchildren.

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