IMAG0315Eric Johnson has always felt an affinity for animals and nature. He was raised in the suburbs of Central NJ, where he spent time working with horses as well as hiking and camping outdoors. Eric worked for many years at living history museums like Philipsburg Manor in Sleepy Hollow, NY and nearby Hancock Shaker Village. It was through these jobs that he learned the ins and outs of farming. Currently, he lives and works on his family’s homestead, which consists of gardens, farm animals like sheep, chickens, and ducks, and working Border Collies. Each aspect of the homestead is connected and integrated. The Border Collies help keep the farm animals, who provide food and fertilizer to the gardens, which in turn feeds Eric, his family, and the animals.

In addition to his work on the homestead, Eric owns and operates Wild Goose Chase NE, a company that uses Border Collies to humanely and effectively remove geese from properties where they are unwanted. He also delivers mail part-time in East Chatham, NY. In his free time, Eric participates alongside his son Caleb in Border Collie and Sheepdog trials. He views the trials as fun opportunities to train the dogs, keep their skills polished, and learn from other trainers. Eric believes that “there is a natural rhythm between humans and dogs,” as people have been living and socializing with dogs for thousands of years. “They fill a hole in our psyche,” he says.

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