Behold! Featured in the NYTimesEvan Thaler-Null and his partner Sarah Steadman run the Abode Farm CSA, a community-supported agriculture vegetable farm powered primarily by two draft horses. Evan moved to New Lebanon several years ago to take over management of land owned by the Abode of the Message.

Evan attended Hampshire College, where he studied agriculture, education, and fabrication. Evan has received his education in farming from a variety of sources, including first-hand experience working on other farms, apprenticeships, travel in Latin America, mentors and peers. “Carpentry and mechanics and plants and the whole rhythm of everything were skills that I really had to work to acquire,” Evan said. “But one advantage is that because I didn’t grow up with an inherited tradition, it allows me to be more objective and critical about the methods and models that I’m using”

Many of Evan’s business decisions are based on his ideals. He does not want his vegetables to only be available through expensive restaurants, and he wants to give people the chance to see where and how the food is grown. “The work that’s done here is a tiny drop in the ocean in terms of the amount of food being produced,” Evan said.

“It’s our contribution to the imbalance of a broken food system.”