Heather NaventiHeather Naventi was raised on her family’s farm, where she lived with her parents, two older siblings, and several Morgan horses. Although she has a degree in Physical Therapy, Heather found her way to a career in jewelry making. She apprenticed with jeweler Neal Truax from 1998-2006 and together they opened Masterpiece Jewelry Studio in 1999. In 2006, she became the sole proprietor of the studio.

At her studio, Heather does wholesale repair work for other jewelry stores in addition to retail sales and repairs. She also designs and creates custom jewelry. Heather appreciates the hands-on nature of her work. “My work teaches me,” she says, “I learn something new every day.” It’s important to Heather that her customers feel welcome and comfortable in her store, and she works hard to match their wants and needs with their budgets.

In addition to her work as a jeweler, Heather is also an avid horsewoman. She began riding around age four, and continues to participate in both eventing and carriage driving competitions to this day. Her four horses live at her shop/home, where she cares for and interacts with them on a daily basis. Heather loves the deep sense of communication she feels with her horses, and believes that it has helped her become a better communicator on the whole. She says that working with her horses has, for her, “reinforced the need for empathy and self-reflection.”

You can find out more about Heather and her shop, Masterpiece Jewelry Studio, at http://www.masterpiecejewelrystudio.com/.