Kevin BoseKevin grew up mostly in Boston, where his parents did computer work as systems analysts. His childhood reversed the typical model of parents trying to get their kids off the screen and outdoors: “My dad had a home computer before anybody else did because that was his job,” Kevin said. “I kind of rebelled against technology.”

His interest in nature came later in life. Kevin was a creative writing major at Plymouth State College in New Hampshire. He has a Culture, Ecology, and Sustainable Community degree from the master’s program at the New College of California. Once he reached his thirties, he found mentors that put him on his current path. Kevin spent a year in a program called “Regenerative Design and Nature Awareness”–a combination of permaculture and wilderness immersion. “I was reenergized and became hopeful about humanity in general,” Kevin said. “That lasted. There’s something about doing this together that brings out the best in people.”

Kevin has worked in nature education for the past nine or so years, most recently at Forest Floor Wilderness Programs in Asheville, North Carolina. He moved to New Lebanon in 2014 and was happy to join the team at Flying Deer Nature Center as an instructor. He has two young sons, and has seen the importance of nature connection programs in their lives. “The idea is that if you get kids excited when they’re really young, that will stick with them for the rest of their lives,” he said. “A lot of environmentalists who really care about making the world a better place are people who when they were young had somebody take them outside. They loved it, and they passed that love on.”