Wyatt Erchak coordinator of educational programs at the Shaker Museum

Wyatt Erchak coordinator of educational programs at the Shaker Museum

Wyatt Erchak is the Programs and Operations Manager at Shaker Museum | Mount Lebanon. He was raised in Saratoga Springs New York, and has loved history and political science from an early age. After Wyatt graduated from Skidmore College in 2012 with a History and Government degree, he happened upon a listing for a tour guide position at a historic site. It turned out to be Mount Lebanon. Wyatt had heard of the Shakers, but did not know much about them. “I was just floored when I came out here by the beauty, by the sense of place I get here,” he said.

“Since then I’ve been developing educational programs and trying to do as much as I can to try to bring the story of this place to people,” Wyatt explained. “It’s a little bit of a hidden gem, and I like that.” He has become an expert on Shaker history, particularly focusing on Shaker involvement in broader American social and political movements. He believes the Shaker way of life is still very relevant to today’s world, as well as personally influential.

The Shakers cared about living well—striving for perfection and constant mindfulness. “The idea was that if your garden is full of weeds, you’re full of weeds, because it’s a reflection of you,” Wyatt said. “To me, that’s a really nice way to think about your behavior and what you’re doing.”

Wyatt lives in Troy, New York, and appreciates his “reverse commute” from the city to the country. He enjoys drawing, hiking, traveling, cooking, and spending time with friends.

Link: http://shakerml.org/