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Gemstones Demystified: Pearls Renewed

Join bench jeweler and designer, Heather Naventi as she busts myths about jewelry and gemstones, demonstrates how to distinguish fake from real and shows you how to detect flaws in diamonds. This interactive session of jeweler’s techniques will teach you how to make simple repairs to your own pieces.

Guide: Heather Naventi

Adventure Specifics:

Town: New Lebanon, NY
Place: Jewelry Studio
Length of Adventure: 90 minutes
Cost per Person: $15.00
Min/max guests: 8/15
Availability: Tues – Fri 10 AM – 4 PM; Sat 10 AM – 2 PM (Program given by appointment only)
Available for Purchase: Jewelry
Time Standing/Walking: N/A
Are Chairs Available?: Yes
Is Adventure Wheelchair Accessible?: No

Additional Notes:

This adventure is next scheduled for Feb 17, 2018 10:30 am – noon. Please see calendar page to order tickets.


Since this Adventure is currently not scheduled in our calendar, it is recommended that you coordinate with the Guide to confirm availability at a mutually acceptable day and time prior to actually purchasing. Please us the ‘Enquire about this Adventure’ form below to start that process. While you and/or your group do not have to meet the minimum attendance to enroll for an Adventure, be aware if that minimum is not met by other participants, the Guide has the right to cancel. Your credit card will not be charged until the minimum has been achieved. Alternatively, if you wish to pay what the cost of the minimum number of attendees would be, the Guide will offer the program.