Hands To Work, Hearts To God – The North Family

Meet the Shakers, whose quest for perfection was expressed in many ways including the way they organized and ruled themselves and the creation of magnificent furniture and architecture. Come to the place they established as their 18th century headquarters. Mount Lebanon was the leading Shaker society in America from its founding in 1787 through its closing in 1947, and the North Family was its face to the wider World, composed of some of the most progressive and public Shakers in history.

Rural Guide: Wyatt Erchak
Tickets for children ages 5-16 are $5.
Children four years old or younger are free.

All programs meet at the station 15 minutes before program.
Latecomers cannot be accommodated.

NOTE: Please dress for walking in woods and fields with heavy shoes or boots and a hat. Bring sunscreen and bug repellent.