Jazz Workshop: History & Theory

Hear musical illustrations at the piano, of the many genres that influenced the birth of jazz — European classical marches & polkas; American folk songs and popular music; African American spirituals and work songs; and Mexican & South American music.  Can your favorite tune become a jazz song? Learn how a familiar tune can be jazzed and hear examples of different jazz styles, e.g. Blues, Dixieland, Bebop and Free Jazz.  In the process, learn what distinguishes jazz from other musical forms.

Town:  New Lebanon

Place:  Home

Duration:  90 minutes

Cost per person:  $

Children under 12:

Materials fee:  N/A

Min/max guests:  6/14

Availability:  Negotiable; year-round

Appropriate dress:  N/A

Items available for purchase:  N/A

Complimentary take-home:  Song sheet

Rural Guide: Monte Wasch
Tickets for children ages 5-16 are $5.
Children four years old or younger are free.

All programs meet at the station 15 minutes before program.
Latecomers cannot be accommodated.