Stuffed: Make Sausage With Phoebe

What goes into a good sausage? Phoebe explains while offering a hands-on demonstration of fresh sausage making — meat grinding, mixing, stuffing and linking . Taste Phoebe’s delicious “New Lebanon Baloney” while learning how she was inspired by her childhood experience in Lebanon, Pennsylvania to create this new local delicacy.  Phoebe will also share sausage theory, ingredients, technique, recipe making and the answers to your questions!

Town:  New Lebanon

Place:  Home

Duration:  90 minutes

Cost per person:  $30 – 12 & over

Children under 12:  $20

Materials fee:  $5

Min/max guests: 4/8

Availability:  Year round; weekends

Appropriate dress:  Comfortable

Items available for purchase:  Charcuterie products as available

Complimentary take-home:  2 links per customer of sausage produced

Rural Guide: Phoebe Young
Tickets for children ages 5-16 are $5.
Children four years old or younger are free.

All programs meet at the station 15 minutes before program.
Latecomers cannot be accommodated.