The Language of Birds

Is it possible for us humans to understand the language of the birds?  The answers is, yes!  First I will explain the basic principles of Bird Language, an extensive communication network throughout nature.  Next we will quietly observe the abundant bird activity surrounding us as we sit in a breathtaking historic Shaker garden.  Once regrouped, these observations will fuel a deeper group conversation about how Bird Language works. Finally, we will take a stroll through a lovely landscape of fields and gardens as we point out Bird Language in action. You will leave with information and inspiration that will change the way you see the birds in your neighborhood!

Town:  New Lebanon
Field & Forest, occasionally inside
2.5 – 3 hours
Cost per person:  
Children under 12:  
Materials fee:
Min/max guests:
 Seasonal; weekdays during fall & spring
Appropriate dress: Appropriate for weather, outdoor activity – comfortable shoes, hat, sunscreen, bug spray, water

Rural Guide: Devin Franklin
Tickets for children ages 5-16 are $5.
Children four years old or younger are free.

All programs meet at the station 15 minutes before program.
Latecomers cannot be accommodated.